Cooperation continued between EHO and Municipality of Smederevska Palanka

EHO i Opština potpisivanje Sporazuma o sprovođenju Projekta

30. May 2021.

The cooperation is continued between the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization and the Municipality of Smederevska Palanka on the realization of the project "Social Inclusion of Roma and Other Vulnerable Groups 2019-2022". In that sense, EHO and the municipality of Smederevska Palanka signed an Agreement on Cooperation on May 14, 2021, which more precisely defines the activities that will be implemented within this Project.

EHO shall allocate 15 packages of construction materials for the adaptation of housing facilities, to provide housing support to vulnerable Roma families, partnered with the municipality of Smederevska Palanka. Such housing support will be provided for 50 Roma families dwelling in Smederevska Palanka through the assistance in the process of legalization of illegally constructed housing.

Additional support in education will be provided to children coming from poor communities during the 2021/2022 school year. years. Education associates will work with children coming from socially disadvantaged families to improve digital skills and master distance learning. The innovative model of social support in children's education arose from the effort to respond to the challenges posed to children and their parents by the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

In order to promote the protection of basic human rights, with a special focus on the right to free legal aid, EHO and the municipality will work on capacity building within the offices that provide this type of support to citizens.

All activities carried out by EHO in the municipality of Smederevska Palanka and in ten other project partner municipalities in Serbia are based on the needs of the Roma community, individuals and institutions, and aim to contribute to the active inclusion of the socially vulnerable in the social system.

The realization of the project is supported by the HEKS / EPER, Switzerland.