EHO and Municipality of Žabalj signed memorandum on project implementation

Direktorka EHO i predsednik opštine Žabalj potpisali Sporazum o saradnji

09. Jun 2021.

Activities within the two new projects of the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization are largely being implemented in the municipality of Žabalj. On May 18, 2021, EHO and the Municipality of Žabalj signed an Agreement on Cooperation in the Realization of the Project "Social Inclusion of Roma and Other Vulnerable Groups of the Republic of Serbia 2019-2022".

The second Agreement was also signed with primary schools from Žabalj and Đurđevo, including the Center for Social Work and the Office for Roma Inclusion. Following the signing of this Agreement, activities are being implemented within the project "Providing additional support in education to children from vulnerable groups in response to the Covid-19 pandemic."

We will help the family Petrović  to rebuild their home destroyed by the fire. 30 Roma families from Žabalj shall receive support in providing documentation for the legalization of their houses. Additional support in education was provided for 60 children from Žabalj and Đurđevo. Promoting the protection of basic human rights and informing the right to free legal aid will also be part of the support to the local community.

Both projects are based on the needs of the Roma community and other socially disadvantaged families, individuals and institutions, and aim to contribute to their inclusion in the social system.

The realization of the project is supported by HEKS / EPER, Switzerland.