Realized five-day training under the mentorship of ADRA Slovakia

Obrada teme Upravljanje procesom volontiranja

14. Sep 2021.

EHO and the visiting mentor and partner ADRA Slovakia realized five-day training within the project "Strengthening the capacity of humanitarian organizations for the reception and guidance of volunteers from the EU" on 05-09 September 2021 in Novi Sad. The first part of training covered topics in the certification process for the program to receive and guide volunteers from the EU (host program), namely: "Managing the volunteering process" and "Conflict Management Process". The second part of training covered the handling of necessary information to strengthen organizational capacity to obtain the required Quality Label.

During the past year, EHO received a certificate for the EU Aid program for admission of volunteers from the EU within the humanitarian programs, with validity of 3 years. To extend the validity of the certificate, EHO shall submit the necessary documentation for obtaining the Quality Label in September, to extend the validity of the same certificate until 2027. Such certification is a confirmation of compliance with standards for quality work (prescribed by the European Commission), required for organizations that accept volunteers from the EU.

The meeting was also attended by partners from Serbia:  Charitable Foundation of the Serbian Orthodox Church „Philanthropy“and MHD „Merhamet – Sandžak“ of the Novi Pazar.

Beside the mentioned partners, the project involved the following stakeholders: Asociacion CDRO (De Cooperacion para el desarrollo rural de occidente)/ Gvatemala, Asociación de Servicios Educativos y Culturales/ Guatemala, Asociación Jesús Obrero/ Peru, Fundacion Alboan/ Estonia, Servicio Jesuita a Refugiados – Colombia/Columbia, Girl Child Network/ Kenya, Medicus Mundi – Italy, Servizio Volontario internazionale/ Italy, The Ethiopian Catholic Church Social and Development Commission/ Ethiopia, ASPEm/ Italy.

The funds to realize our project activities are covered from the EU funds, within the EU Aid Volunteers program.