A meeting of women with an exhibition of the work of EHO sewing workshop

Susret žena u Zemunu uz izložbu radova EHO krojačke radionice

27. May 2022.

The EHO tailoring workshop was a guest in Zemun at the invitation of the citizens' association „MAH- Klub poštovalaca vremena“ and a group of ecumenical women who jointly organized a meeting called "About St. Hildegard. The meeting was held in the GO youth office of Zemun on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. Meetings of this kind are organized within the project implemented by MAH, called "Pillars of Heaven" with the aim of introducing the public to important women in the Christian tradition. This was an opportunity to gather women from Novi Sad and Zemun, who participate in ecumenical work within our organization, but also to look at the latest products from our EHO tailoring workshop. Our recycled products; fashion uniques, fashion accessories and especially dolls, created a great enthusiasm of the visitors and many bought dolls not only for their children but also for themselves.