Distribution of school bags and supplies to first grade beginners in Elementary School "Dušan Radović"

01. Sep 2022.

Supported by the Diakonie Württemberg from Germany, Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization purchased and distributed 50 new school bags to first grade beginners at the Elementary School "Dušan Radović", which were equipped with pencil cases, writing utensils, notebooks and other school supplies. The distribution was attended by Anna Brtka Valent, director of the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization, and Sonja Miladinović, consultant of the Novi Sad School Administration, who addressed the children and parents at the beginning of the distribution.

For the beginning of the new school year, EHO provided assistance to 317 children from elementary schools in Novi Sad.

For many years, through the implementation of various projects, we have been contributing to the improvement of the integration of children from marginalized groups, and also to the realization of the right to equal educational opportunities.

The distribution of school backpacks was accompanied by smiles and enthusiasm from our youngest fellow citizens.

Happy start dear first grade beginners!