Živka Fan Osman

Živka Fan Osman works at the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization from April 2021. She is currently Project Associate on the project Social Inclusion of Roma and Other Vulnerable Groups in Serbia 2019 - 2022, engaged in the part of the project that deals with providing additional support in education to children from vulnerable groups. 

Živka is a pedagogical assistant, activist for human rights and for social justice. She is also a trainer on the topic of Roma women's activism in the service of combating multiple discrimination against Roma women, domestic violence and violence against women. From 2004 she is a member of the Roma Women's Network of Serbia and is one of the founders of the network, and also a member of the board. 

She is the founder and president of the Roma Women's Initiative Žabalj and a member of the APAS board. 

She worked as a journalist and host of a show in the Romani language on Radio Tisa in Žabalj. 

During her active involvement in regional NGOs, she worked as a program coordinator for initiatives to support the development and learning of young Roma children in Serbia in the municipality of Žabalj. 

Živka graduated from the High School of Economics and Informatics in Sremski Karlovci and is now a senior at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade. 

She loves children, music, kickboxing and the sea. 

Email: zivka@ehons.org