Milisav Milinković

Milisav Milinković has been active in the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization since 2005 within the former Center for Volunteers and the "Red Line" program. He is currently in the position of Project Coordinator and is directly in charge of supporting the reintegration of returnees from the Federal Republic of Germany into the Republic of Serbia.

Milisav by profession specialist - human resources manager and youth worker (Completed II level Proni study - Social Education and Communications, Jönköping, Sweden). He completed his basic studies in journalism at the Novi Sad School of Journalism. Many years of experience in creating policies, strategies, trainings and action plans for the governmental, non-governmental and business sectors as well as in coordinating projects and programs at the local, regional, national and international levels.

Milisav is a consultant, trainer and co-author of several manuals, research and publications in the field of non-formal education, organizational management and peace culture. He deals with management, youth policy, public relations, youth information work (certified youth info worker ERYICA - European Youth Information and Counseling Agency), intercultural learning (accredited intercultural leader by the German-French Youth Office) and is an advocate of non-violent culture and peace education.

Hobbies: reading, photography and traveling.